Tapping feet to the music.

I’m not usually one to suggest playing your iPods loud. It does affects your hearing in a negative way, you know?

But some songs just sound better when you turn the notch a little higher.

This is one of them.

Oh so smooth.

Not sure if I’m getting old. I just keep returning to this music genre. But I don’t really mind. 🙂

(I might have to get Tony Bennett’s CD. All other duets sound great!)

View, amazing view!

Hi guys.

This is so fun blogging from a device other than a computer. And it does this auto big caps for me instead of me typing shift every start of the sentence. Yeah for technology!!

Maybe I’ll blog more from now. We’ll see!

Anyway, if the secret serves me well, I would definitely wish to live in this kind of apartment in the next 10 years. This is a million dollar view right here!


Ever since I stepped into the working society, I have been wanting to buy a nicer and more expensive bag to carry around rather than an inexpensive one which cost less than a hundred.

It’s not a sign of materialism, trust me. I do not spurge on anything (other than food, perhaps). You can ask my mum. 😉

But I thought since I’m now working, I can invest in a better bag which allows me to carry around. Especially when I have meetings or functions to attend (alright, quite rarely). But you can’t expect me to carry my brandless and super causal looking bag, do you?

Ok, if you went out with me after work before, you would see that I wear tshirt and jeans a lot. And that’s also part of the reasons why I love my company, causal attire 24/7, you guys! And I know it would look totally weird when you match my attire with a say, rather expensive branded bag. But let’s tackle one problem at a time, m’kay?

So, to get back to my topic, I want a branded bag.

I have been comtemplating among a few brands. Perhaps a Marc Jacobs? Longchamp? Burberry? Mulberry? They are all great brands but I can’t seem to find a particular design I like.

Now, this is another thing…


Do you think I should splurge on this? Yes? No?

And now… I’m sick.

If there’s only one thing I could teach you, this would be it – stay hydrated.

I have been drinking very little water for the past two day and now I’ve fallen sick.

First it was flu then bam, serious throat infection. And now I’m feeling all drowsy due to the medication. I even missed an important meeting. Oh, how I hate that.

So peeps, remember to stay hydrated.

And so I’m back.

I’m definitely not promising I’ll come back for good.

Blogger has been kind of sucks. Seems like it’s only going to google chrome’s users which, again, kind of sucks. So I thought I’ll drop by and say hi.

For those whom suddenly think of my humble blog (Do I see any hands? No? Hmm.. That’s fine…..), I thank you. I must have some powers over you to make you come back after being MIA for almost 1.5 years. Yeah for me!

In all seriously, how have you been? Again, not really sure if anyone’s reading this blog since it has been forever.

Well, nothing much has changed for me other than the fact that I’m no longer a student but a working adult. Boring, I know. But hey, I’m not complaining. I like my job. 🙂 Hope you like whatever you are doing now…

Anyway, I have just decided that I do not like taking bathes. You know, those where you soak yourself in a tub of water and wait for nothing? I have been soaking for almost 30mins and I do not see the joy in it. Furthermore, I feel terrible in my tummy because of the water pressure. I’m sure I took my dinner at least 4 hrs before my bathe. My stomach wasn’t even full before I step into the tub and I feel horrible now. Plus, being a good citizen of the Earth makes me feel guilt for filling up the tub with water. My limit is a third of the tub and that’s it. 

Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. All I know is, after bathing, I feel nothing but guilt and a weird feeling in my stomach.